The Weather App for your unique dog

PuppTech's K9 Weather Vane is the world's first weather app designed spefically to help you understand how the weather outside might impact the safety of your dog.

Weather Forecasts

Daily and weekly (coming soon) weather forecasts to help you and your dog plan your time outside together.

Weather Risk Assessment

The K9 Weather Vane provides suggestions on what times during the day, if any, are the safest to venture outside with your dog.

Powered by BSCUIT

Our proprietary algorithm uses a veterinary science to analyze weather safety in the context of your dog’s specific breed.

Try the K9 Weather Vane

The K9 Weather Vane combines weather data in your local area with detailed information about your dog.

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When you create a free account in the K9 Weather Vane you'll be automatically signed-up for our free "Daily Dose of Dog Safety" which will show up in your inbox every evening so you can know what to expect for your dog tomorrow.

Put dog weather safety on your own website

If you're a blogger, web-designer, or other online content creator you can embed our K9 Weather Vane web widget directly on your site so that your readers can make sure they know how the weather in their area will affect their dog's safety. The widget is super-easy to install on your website with one line of code, and PuppTech's support team is happy to help you figure it out if you any questions.

With just one line of code you could have this widget embedded on your website.

Here's today's forecast for St. Bernards in Portland

Best Time for a walk


Worst Time for a walk


Get the K9 Weather Vane for your dog

With the K9 Weather Vane you can better plan your day outside with your dog.